It's open.  It's really truly open! The creative reuse center I've been scheming and dreaming about for years.  Come check it out okay?  You'll find out what you want to know at  

This work in St. Clair is going well (see Upcycle St. Clair) and we are thrilled to announce an upcyclist fellowship program! Check it out here!  The deadline is May 15th, so read and apply, y'all!

Thursday, February 13th I'm leading a workshop at ArtHouse.  It's Valentine's themed and it's a perfect night out for you and a friend or you and a partner.  Alternative flower-making PLUS chocolate decorating AND wine.  Yes.  I'll be there.  Join me, okay?   Here's where you sign up for date night --scroll down to Valentine's Day workshop!

(They say egg carton, we say lilly.  I'll help you with the transformation. Click on the photo above for work in progress!)

This past fall I began working with a production team at Recovery Resources, a local organization that helps Clevelanders overcome addiction.  The production team is a group of hard workers who do all kinds of work, including custom framing (they call it the 'frame shop').  For me, they're working on production and assembly of designs from leftover materials that become something new.  I can't tell you how exciting it is to be able to do small scale manufacturing of some of my designs in a way that is local, that is supporting good people who do totally quality work.  It's the beginning of something that makes me kick my heels in the air!  Cityscapes were the first project we began together.  

(This level of order is not what MY studio looks like. Click on the photo above to see what I'm talking about!)